Starting small, we are trying to be as sustainable as we can. We’re taking small steps, but the little things add up and we are working on doing more. We’re not all perfect, but we are striving for improvements on being more eco-friendly. Taking sustainable steps for minimal environmental impact is important so there are several steps to our approach to reducing waste.

  • Timeless Designs

    Following the latest trends is tempting, but focusing on classic and timeless designs is a more sustainable option. We take inspiration from nature and create a design that is suitable for everyone. This lets our consumers re-wear items without ever looking outdated and with more versatility.

  • High Quality

    Better quality means it will last longer. Creating long-lasting garments is not easy, but we take pride in our premium quality. Every item produced is high quality because we care about every last detail, to the cotton, tags, and embroidery, so it stands the test of time.

  • Limited Quantity

    Depending on the collection, we will make some exclusive and limited. Producing in limited quantities helps avoid overproduction and excess waste. It also extracts more value per product.

  • Eco-conscious Packaging

    We are an advocate of eco-conscious packaging. Customer orders ship in a recyclable content kraft paper mailer box and are sealed with recyclable paper tape. Some orders will also ship in a 100% compostable garment bag. Polybags are eliminated as our number one plastic-reduction solution.